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Séminaire LIRIS Arnaud Grignard et Luis Alonso (MIT Media Lab)

28 janvier 2019 à 14 h 00 min - 16 h 00 min


Nous aurons le plaisir d’accueillir Arnaud Grignard et Luis Alonso du MIT Media Lab le Lundi 28 Janvier 14h en salle C1 pour notre premier séminaire LIRIS de l’année sur Cityscope et CityScience Network autours de la ville.

Ci-dessous une présentation plus détaillée. Venez nombreux !!

Arnaud Grignard and Luis Alonso are two researchers from the MIT Media Lab CityScience group. The City Science research group proposes new strategies for creating the places where people live and work, and the mobility systems that connect them, in order to meet the profound challenges of the future.  They will give an overview of their respective work especially about CityScope and the CityScience Network.


CityScope is a framework developed by the CityScience lab using technology to understand and respond to human activity, environmental conditions, and market dynamics. CityScope consists in a slew of tangible and digital platforms dedicated to solving spatial design and urban planning challenges. The tools range from simulations that quantify the impact of disruptive interventions in cities to communicable collaboration applications. CityScope is develop and deploy all around the world and maintain as an open-source repositories for the majority of deployments.


MIT City Science has developed an international network of cooperative City Science Labs at Tongji University (Shanghai), Taipei Tech (Taipei), Hafencity University (Hamburg), Aalto University (Helsinki), ActuaTech (Andorra), and Ryerson University (Toronto). CityScience Network is developing concepts and key technology that can be extended, deployed, and evaluated by our collaborators in unique contexts around the globe.  Over the next few years, they plan to develop new and exciting projects in less affluent, rapidly growing cities in Latin America, Africa, and India where the impact of a new process to address the challenges of urbanization may be the greatest.

Arnaud Grignard is a computer scientist specializing in complex systems modeling and information visualization. He holds a PhD in Computer Science. He is now a research scientist in the City Science research group at the MIT Media Lab. While working on different fields of application such as multi-level, urban systems and human mobility, he develops a new approach called agent-based visualization to handle real-time visualization tasks applied both to data and simulation outputs. Since 2011, Grignard is one of the main developers of the GAMA Platform, a modeling and simulation development environment for building spatially explicit, agent-based simulations. His  research has been applied  in many different contexts, namely university research laboratories (MIT Media Lab, ENS Lyon, UPMC), public health research departments (IRD, Pasteur Institute), and within IT companies (Philips Research, TheCosmoCompany).

Luis Alonso is a research scientist in the City Science group. He has a PhD in architecture and coordinates the Andorra Living Lab project. He oversees the integration of the group’s diverse research topics (energy consumption, city simulation, urban mobility, innovation district, and smart housing) in Andorra’s Living Lab project, to provide comprehensive solutions for urban and country challenges, in order to transform Andorra into an « internationally recognized intelligent country. » Since he is focused on very different lines of research and work, his antidisciplinary approach fits on the Media Lab philosophy: City Science, big data analysis, urban planning, architectural robotics, building design and construction, new and smart materials (free-form transparent energy efficient envelopes and biomedical uses), energy simulation and building efficiency and sustainability, eco-innovation, e-learning and its impact on social networks, new technologies, IoT, etc.

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Date :
28 janvier 2019
Heure :
14 h 00 min - 16 h 00 min


Batiment Nautibus salle C1
6 avenue Niels Bohr
Villeurbanne, 69622 France
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